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All music in this category is composed, played and recorded by me. Please send me a mail if you wish to use a song in your work.

JonP - All we Have (ft. State Shirt) 15/1/2011
Yet another time I started out making an instrumental track, soon realizing the track won't be fulfilled without vocals. After adding vocals from State Shirt on ccMixter, the song rapidly changed in the direction of trance. It's not completely polished, but to be honest I'm pretty tired of working with this song right now ;)
JonP - Shadows (ft. snowflake) 22/6/2010
After staying up till late at night for two days, it's finally finished (well, a song is really never finished, but at least I've stopped working on it for now).
Electro/pop/80s-tune featuring great accapellas from snowflake's song “Goodbye Shadows” on ccMixter.
JonP - Carry the Weight (ft. Minette) [short demo] 19/3/2010
A while ago I found this great page,, giving you the opportunity to share your own vocal recordings, instrumental tracks eg. for others to use.
I downloaded a vocal track from a user called Minette, and added it to an older song I've made about a year ago. At first I tried to keep the vocal sounding natural, but at some point I decided to go the other way with lots of autotune and vocoder. Here's the result: Because the original vocals are pretty distorted I've spent very little time trying to get a good sound. I will not make this a full length track either.
JonP - Pentatonic 24/3/2010
The songs keep coming rapidly these days. This time I'm back on track with an instrumental song. The groove is pretty heavy, and the song is characterized by brigth arpeggiated synths and a classic breakdown.
JonP - Apollo 2007
Made with Cubase, various VSTs, Roland JV-1080 and a TR-707 (the distorted drum loop).

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