imgAnalog telephone exchange - Last update 13/1/2023
An introduction to my MCU based fully featured analog telephone exchange, how I mounted it in my home lab powered with batteries for months of use "off-grid", and how I set up a tiny telephone network.
imgHome made light switches for a smart home - Last update 23/10/2022
I got tired of the standard white light switches I had, and made a 4 button "smart" light switch in oak, including an MCU with CAN bus.
imgRaspberry Pi Zero PLC for home automation - Last update 15/01/2022
A small PLC-like unit for home automation based on a Raspberry Pi Zero that can be mounted on a DIN rail in a fuse box.
imgMount everything in Eurorack - Last update 13/4/2021
The Eurorack modular synth standard divides a 19" rack into smaller units. Inspired by this I have mechanically redesigned everything I had floating around on my desk so it could be rack mounted and let my CNC router eat through aluminium sheets all day and night. This post is meant to give you some ideas on how you can mount everything in Eurorack.
imgA cheap remote solution for Yaesu FT-857 - Last update 1/4/2020
A hardware/software solution to make the Yaesu FT-857 base and front panel connect over the internet using Raspberry Pi, at a cost of only a few hundred NOK.
imgPolynorth - a hybrid analog/digital polyphonic synthesizer - Last update 31/7/2019
The Polynorth is my first attempt at designing a polyphonic synthesizer. It's got a completely analog filter section, combined with a powerful 200 MHz 32-bit microcontroller.
imgTrip computer and tracking for Citroën C-zero - Last update 18/11/2017
The C-zero is a cheap and popular electric car in Norway, along with it's "triplets" Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Peugeot iOn. However, to keep the cost down, it lacks features such as a trip computer and remote tracking and monitoring (at least my 2012 model). With the shutdown of the FM broadcast band in Norway, I had to do something with the radio, and used the opportunity to make something more out of it.
imgMaximum power point charger for solar panels - Last update 12/06/2014
Solar panels are cheaper and more popular than ever, but without an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charger the potential power from the solar panel will not be achieved. In this article I will show you how I designed an open source MPPT charger for use in an autonomous solar powered boat, as well as for hiking with solar panels.
imgA converted 26-inch MTB e-bike - Last update 2/11/2013
Converting a non-electric bike for electric propulsion can be done easily and cheap with conversion kits. This is an example of a powerful conversion with a total cost of only about 500 USD.
imgOwl VHF - a versatile digital radio transceiver - Last update 11/08/2013
A compact, lightweight, energy efficient and flexible SDR transceiver for the 2-meter amateur radio band and AIS (Automatic Identification System). Designed for extreme mobile applications, such as cube satellites, UAVs, stratospheric balloon payloads etc.
imgPiHAT - Rasberry Pi Home Automation Transmitter
This open source project lets you control wireless remote power switches (initially only Nexa-switches) from your Raspberry Pi without any additional transmitter hardware (only a filter)!
imgNarrowband SDR transceiver - phase 1
An attempt to make a new compact and flexible transceiver for amateur radio use.
imgGløsrover - Last update 31.10.2015
A WLAN connected 4WD rover made to cruise the hallways of NTNU Gløshaugen. Those days are over, but the rover remains and keeps its name.
My first attempt at using microcontrollers for audio synthesis. Both notes/velocity and controller change is done via MIDI.
Microdrummer is a complete drum machine, built around a single 8-bit PIC18F2620. The project started when I decided to play back some WAV samples on a PIC doing D/A-conversion with the built in PWM-module.
imgHigh altitude balloon payload: EOS1
A project with the primary target of taking pictures from near space. Finished in 2007, and I still have the payload. The following text was written in 2007.
imgEOSEFF (Edge Of Space Electronics Form Factor)
EOSEFF (Edge Of Space Electronics Form Factor) is a mechanical and electrical specification for components primarily made for Edge of Space 2, but will also be used in a lot of other projects. Each board measures 75 mm x 45 mm, and can be stacked on other EOSEFF-boards, providing a common I2C-bus and power for all boards.
imgUAV/FPV-project: Skywalker aerial platform
After various problems with my earlier aerial platform I realized it was too small and made installation much more complex than it really had to be. The solution? I bought a 168 cm wingspan Skywalker, and built the plane with FPV-/UAV-use and expandability in mind.
imgUAV/FPV-project: The ground control station
The goal of this project was to integrate all necessary components for my ground station in a single box, minimizing the time needed for rigging in the field. It's of course also a lot more elegant and less prone to failures than a mess of wires and components.
imgUAV/FPV-project: OSD v2.0
This device allows me to see battery voltage, GPS- and IMU-data, along with other useful information superimposed on the camera picture. As of today, I've also implemented waypoint-support. This means I can store positions, and calculate bearing and distance between these waypoint, which in turn can be easily used as part of an autopilot as well!
imgHome automation: Mini-I/O
As a very needed addition to my home automation project, the Mini-I/O features physical inputs and outputs for those applications where wireless control is insufficiently reliable or unsuitable.
imgHome automation: Home automation: MultiTRX 433MHz transceiver
The MultiTRX is a compact radio transceiver for home automation, made to be easily adapted into your own projects. For the reader who has heard about the Tellstick, this is much like it - just with a lot of extra features!
imgMFJ 1899T antenna tripod mount and balun
This little box serves two purposes; to make a sturdy tripod mount for my MFJ 1899T multiband vertical antenna, and to improve its performance by adding a 1:1 current balun and a banana jack for adding counterpoises. The balun will make sure the performance isn't affected by the length of the antenna cable. It was built to be used in a lightweight QRP radio setup based on a Yaesu FT-817ND.
imgInstalling a TinyTrak 4 in a 19" rack
Short project on installing a Byonics TinyTrak 4 with a 4x20 character HD44780 display in a 19" blind panel.
imgPibros delta wing
An easily built delta wing airplane - lots of fun to fly. Capable of vertical takeoff and extremely tight loops and rolls.
imgBoom box
A music box made for Roskilde Festival 07 made mostly out of plywood. The speakers are four 6.5" coaxial speakers from Biltema.
imgElectric scooter
A Zappy electric scooter on steroids.
imgAutomatic feeding machine
An automatic feeding machine and surveillance system for a guinea pig.
imgAntenna rotor and controller unit
An attempt at making a small dual axis antenna rotor for use in a UAV ground station.
imgJ-pole antenna installation
My first ham radio antenna. Installed in my childhood home a few years ago, and worked very well.
imgCarputer installation
Installation of a computer and a touch screen in a car. The hardware was bought and installed in my fathers car as a little project during the summer vacation.
Design: Jon Petter Skagmo