Antenna rotor and controller unit



An attempt at making a small dual axis antenna rotor for use in a UAV ground station.

Rotor hardware

The rotor assembly itself, primarily made as a camera pan/tilt device, uses traditional RC-servos with external feedback-pots. The project was started as a part of the ground station in my UAV-project.

First controller board

The first controller unit was based on a PIC18F1320 microcontroller, and was designed to receive data following the Easycomm standard. A two way switch and a two colored led was used to calibrate north and 360 degree movement for the azimuth axis, and 90 degrees of movement for the elevation axis.

img img img img

Second controller board

The first controller board had a buggy software written in basic a long time ago, and I was far from happy with it's performance. It was time to make a revised C-version of the software and a SMD controller board:

img img


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Design: Jon Petter Skagmo