Electric scooter



A Zappy electric scooter on steroids.


  • HXT 63-74 200kv brushless outrunner motor (2-3kW)
  • Turnigy Sentilon 100A HV ESC (50V/100A max)
  • 6x5000mAh 6S 20C Turnigy LiPo-batteries (22.2V/30Ah)
  • Hall sensor throttle (0-5V output)
  • 100W Vicor 18-36V->12V regulator for accessories and electronics
Images from 2008, including the brushless motor to be used:

img img

Testing the scooter with the stock motor

In may 2010 decided to test the scooter with the stock brushed setup and some LiPo-batteries. I made a circuit with three relays which connects the battery packs in series or parallell. It works great, but the stock motor will probably malfunction pretty soon. It's rated for 250 watts, but the peak power at 24V hits 2500W, and driving on a flat road draws around 800-1000W (!). I really should get some fuses for the batteries as well ;) And in case you think I'm completely nuts; the Deans connectors and relay are covered in transparent tape in the last pictures.

img img img img img img img img img


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Design: Jon Petter Skagmo