Pibros delta wing



An easily built delta wing airplane - lots of fun to fly. Capable of vertical takeoff and extremely tight loops and rolls.

The first pibros

It was fun while it lasted...

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Building another Pibros

March 2010 I decided to build another Pibros, and this one flies even better!

img img img img img img img img

Adding rudder

img img

Build a Pibros!

In case you want to build your own Pibros, here is a part list:
  • Not the ESC I used, but it should work. I tried the Turnigy ESC in the pictures above at first (Plush-series), but it had severe problems starting the motor even with highest timings, so avoid this one.

Other than this you'll need a receiver, a 3S battery (500-1000mAh), a 6x6mm square stick, 1-2mm rods, rudder horns and two zip ties. The motor is mounted with zip ties, and then applying lots of CA between the square stick and the motor. For building the Pibros itself, check out these links:


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Design: Jon Petter Skagmo