Installing a TinyTrak 4 in a 19" rack



Short project on installing a Byonics TinyTrak 4 with a 4x20 character HD44780 display in a 19" blind panel.

Display installation

The hole for the display was made with a dremel and a file. The screws for the display were carefully glued with epoxy, while mounted on the display, and then hardened in an oven at 70 degrees celsius.

img img img img

Finishing the installation

A little veroboard was used to connect a PS/2 female connector and the display to the TT4. The TT4 was covered in heat shrink tubing, and zip-tied to the back of the panel.

img img img

What's next?

I've bought a neat, little 10x20cm keyboard, which will be attached to an angled aluminium plate, sticking out of the panel. This will be used to write messages, and go through the different operating modes of the TT4.



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Design: Jon Petter Skagmo