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The MultiTRX is a compact radio transceiver for home automation, made to be easily adapted into your own projects. For the reader who has heard about the Tellstick, this is much like it - just with a lot of extra features!

The MultiTRX was sold for a while, but is no longer being produced


  • Control remote power switches from Nexa (only self-learning), GAO and Waveman
  • Decode remote controls from Nexa (only self-learning) and GAO
  • Decode wireless temperature and humidity sensors from Esic
  • Decode Doro Secur alarm sensors
  • Firmware upgradeability through USB makes it possible to easily add new features
  • Advanced custom made protocol with variable packet length, repeating (hops can be set) etc.
  • Settings can easily be viewed and set
  • Communication is made easy: Once connected, the MultiTRX appears as a serial port (FTDI VCP-chip)
  • Works right out of the box with Linux and Windows
  • Pads for UART TX/RX - can be interfaced directly to your Arduino or other uC-project!
  • Good frequency stability and high quality parts
  • Open source example software with web-UI, Device Control Center, is freely available

Documentation, manuals and downloads

The documentation below is imported from my old web page, so the formatting is full of errors.

Forum threads


Demonstration of MultiTRX HW 1.1.


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