Home automation: Mini-I/O



As a very needed addition to my home automation project, the Mini-I/O features physical inputs and outputs for those applications where wireless control is insufficiently reliable or unsuitable.


  • Two relay outputs (10A/250V) and two open-collector outputs (800mA)
  • Seven digital inputs and one analog input
  • An additional analog input is internally connected to the voltage input
  • 433.92 MHz ASK-receiver for internal decoding of ESIC wireless temperature sensors and more
  • RS-232 connection


The first PCB prototype was milled at my university (NTNU). Many thanks to Terje Mathiesen at IET for helping me out with this!

img img img img img img

Video-clip of the CNC-router going through the drill-layer.

I'm still missing a few components which are already ordered, but this was what I had at home.


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Design: Jon Petter Skagmo